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V2.00.006(released on February 13, 2017)
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NV780MR V2.00.06 RELEASE
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What's New
  • Improved detection & pet immunity mechanism

V2.00.001(released on January 11, 2017)
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NV780MR V2.00.01

What's New
  • This version resolves a rare issue in which the detector might fail to transmit RF frequencies and supervision lost will be indicated on the panel side.

V1.01.000(released on November 28, 2016)
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NV780MR V1.01.00 Release

What's New
  • Dip Switch #2 control the Anti Mask indication, according to the following: “ON “ AM and buzzer enable “OFF “ AM and buzzer disable
  • Improve Anti Mask detection

V1.00.034(released on October 25, 2016)
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NV780MR V1.00.34

V1.00.000(released on July 15, 2016)
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NV780MR V1.00

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